Bin is a post-doc researcher exploring the intersection of Biofeedback and Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) to generate applied knowledge for daily healthcare and stress management. His research tackles this challenge by transforming biofeedback technologies from clinical settings into everyday use, which can unobtrusively help people realize, cope with, and be resilient against their stress issues in workaday life before serious health problems are caused. His main expertise is: developing unobtrusive biofeedback tool to sense physiological data (e.g., heart-rate-variability or respiration), quantifying people’s stress accordingly, and designing real-time respiration training interfaces with trustable accuracy and aesthetically pleasing user-experience. His current research is to blend these biofeedback technologies into people’s workaday routines to calmly and intelligently promote healthful behaviour change, and thus to lead to their increased self-regulation skill of and resilience against chronic stress.

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