Heart Bloom

Flowers for Life and Love

Heart Bloom is a biofeedback device that collects heart rate data and visualizes it with the assistance of a pen plotter. The path and rhythm of the pen’s movements are dynamically coupled to physiological information, such as heart rate variability, creating a new means for visualizing and monitoring personal medical information. Heart Bloom Illustrates the visitor’s heartbeat into a floral graphics, which reflects the natural biorhythm inside the human body. By interacting with Heart Bloom, participants can see, hear and feel their physiological signals transformed into a unique flower drawing on the paper.

This work is created in collaboration with Studio Rogier Arents

Yu, B., Arents, R., Funk, M., Hu, J., & Feijs, L., HeartPlotter: Visualizing Bio-data by Drawing on Paper  In Proceedings of Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems  (CHI 2016), San Jose, CA, USA, 2016.

3 flowers

Different flower pattern of Heart Bloom

HEART BLOOM for Love at Dubai Design Week, 2016

In November 2015, Heart Bloom was exhibited in Global Grad Show, Dubai Design Week.  HEART BLOOM transforms the participant’s heartbeat data into a blooming flower on a postcard, which is then mailed to the beloved ones with special and ‘heartful’ greetings, shortening the distance of the heart and heart.

A participant was trying Heart Bloom

A participant was trying HEART BLOOM

The postcards of HEART BLOOM on the wall

The postcards of HEART BLOOM on the wall

Set up of Heart Bloom In Global Graduation Show, Dubai Design Week 2016

child with heart bloom

A kid with his heart bloom

people with heart bloom 2

200+ Heart Bloom postcards have been created in Dubai and send around the world

HEART BLOOM for Charity at Dutch Design Week, 2017

“Let’s make every heartbeat count!”

In 2017, Heart Bloom served as a charitable initiative that aims to help children with congenital heart disease (CHD). Heart Bloom invited visitors to donate their heart rate data by creating a personal heart bloom card. Then the participants could receive their heart bloom card by making a donation to the Hartstichting, the Dutch Heart Foundation. The donation went towards the foundation’s efforts to improve the chances of children with heart disease.

With Heart Bloom, we attended a series of charitable public activities organized by the Hartstichting. At these events, we brought Heart Bloom to children with heart disease. The interaction with Heart Bloom empowered them to see, hear and feel the ‘seed’ inside the body blooming into a ‘flower’ with every beat of their heart.

Heart Bloom aimed to bring a positive message that everyone is special and that the heartbeats of children with CHD might be abnormal but create inimitably beautiful flowers. These activities tied the relationship with of children with their own heart, their families and the friendships among other children with heart disease.

Fig 14_13_3

The major Heart Bloom fundraising event was held at one of the leading exhibition halls in Eindhoven during DDW from 22nd to 30th October 2017. Th goal was to invite more than 500 participants to experience the installation and make a large collection of 500 HeartBloom drawings during the 9-days event.  During the DDW fundraising event, a total of 823 participants interacted with the Heart Bloom installation. Heart Bloom greatly inspired enthusiasm and improve the engagement of the participants with the charitable activity. Heart Bloom installation triggered the bystanders to participate in the event.


Fig 14_13_2

HEART BLOOM Mobile Fundraiser, 2018

In 2018, for street fundraising, we developed a Heart Bloom mobile application which can be installed on a service cart, serving as a mobile ‘fundraiser’ for Dutch Heart Foundation in long-term use. The Heart Bloom application captures heartbeat data with a phone’s camera and visualizes the flower pattern interactively on the screen. The mobile Heart Bloom ‘fundraiser’ worked more ‘casually’ at a shopping center.

Heart Bloom mobile version_2


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