To be a physiological resonance with the body

RESonance is an immersive audio-visual biofeedback system that supports relaxation training should take an ‘ambient’ form beyond a GUI interaction paradigm. The system informs the users about their internal states (i.e., breath and heart rate viability) through ambient light and nature soundscape which can be deployed in a living space or home environment seamlessly. In this way, RESonance turns a room into a biofeedback ‘Mind Room’ which adapts to its inhabitants, breathes as they do, and changes ambient light and soundscape to facilitate deep breathing, calmness and stress management.

Fig 10_3

RESonance is interfaced with an HRV biofeedback system, where two types of physiological data are presented: instantaneous heartbeat interval (IBI) and short-term HRV. Both IBI and HRV are calculated from the Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) signal, which is measured by a noninvasive photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensor on the finger. Firstly, the BVP signal is processed with peak detection algorithm into the time series of IBI. The IBI data are presented back to the users immediately to guide them in breathing regulation. The standard deviation of IBI data (SDNN) is calculated with a moving window of 16 heartbeats as the index of short-term HRV.

Fig 10_1

The mapping between IBI wave to the brightness changes of lights

Fig 10_2

The mapping between HRV level to the color of lights

RESonance mind room space was constructed by a white jersey fabric stretched over a cube-shaped wooden frame (2.5m × 2.5m). Within the mind-room space, there are an armchair, a bio-sensing device, and the center light. The ambient lights are installed outside of the space and shine the light on the fabrics. The center light is a wireless and portable lamp which is in the sight of the user and can also be held during the relaxation. The ambient lights aim to create an immersive lighting environment. Four speakers from a surrounding sound system are installed around the space to create a virtual surround-sound effect of a nature soundscape.

Fig 11_2_3

Set-up of RESonance Biofeedback Mind Room


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