IMG_5593_smallMy name is Bin YU. I am a Post-doc researcher in the Industrial Design department of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). In 2010, I received the dual Bachelor degree in Industrial Design and Biomedical Engineering at Chongqing University. Afterward, I continued my study in Healthcare Design at Northeastern University (2012). During the master study, I focused on the design and development of mobile ECG monitoring application. After obtaining Master degree, I worked as a research assistant in the Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering, SIAT, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (2013). In this year, my research explored the application of high-density surface EMG signal for biofeedback rehabilitation. In October 2013, I started my Ph.D. research at TU/e, under the supervision of Prof. Loe Feijsdr. Jun Hudr. Mathias Funk. (Bin’s Brief CV and Full version CV)

In my Ph.D. study, I explored at the intersection of Human-Computer-Interaction and Biofeedback Technology. I am curious about how interaction design could contribute to the usability and user experience with biofeedback technology in everyday use. My Ph.D. work focuses on exploring new biofeedback modalities, facilitating the perceptualization and interpretation of bio-data, improving usability and comfort of use and enhancing relaxation experience during biofeedback-assisted training. (Bin’s Ph.D. Journey)

In my Post-doc work, I continue my research in the direction of “Everyday Biofeedback” which aims to create a large biofeedback loop, where the biofeedback could blend in with users’ everyday routine, reaching its very potential to facilitate people’s self-reflection and self-regulation for better health and well-being. The main work includes designing unobtrusive biofeedback systems, investigating adaptive biofeedback mechanism, and field study on biofeedback intervention for long-term behaviour change.

Contact me:

Office Address: LG. 1.67, Laplace 32,5612 AZ Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Email: b.yu@tue.nl

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