A mirror that lets you see inside yourself

Biofeedback, like a mirror, enables individuals to see inside their body and improve self-regulation on their physiology to a healthy direction. However, for a long time, Biofeedback is considered only within the context of clinical settings. In this project, we aim to bridge the gap between biofeedback technique and its application in daily life.

BioMirror is a set of interactive surfaces that respond to users’ heartbeats, respiration and autonomic nervous system activities. As a traditional mirror reflects one’s outside appearance, BioMirror reflects human internal bodily processes. The surface is complex paper-based structure with repetitive incisions created by laser cutting. the rear serves as a medium to transform force from servomotors, vibration motors or fans into an action, stimulating the patterns on the surface to vibrate, swing, bulge or rotate to display physiological information in dynamic physical form.

Collaboration with ALISSA+NIENKE Design Studio

Yu, B., Bongers, N., Van Asseldonk, A., Hu, J., Funk, M., & Feijs, L., LivingSurface: Biofeedback through the Shape-changing Display In Proc. International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI 2016), Eindhoven, the Netherlands


BioMirror #1 reflects human heartbeat activities



BioMirror #2 reflects human breathing movements


BioMirror #3 reflects human heart rate variability level

close-up of Biomirror

Close-up of Biomirror

2016, BioMirror was exhibited at Milan Design Week, Dubai Design Week and Dutch Design Week. It was featured by CNN as one of “the most innovative projects from the world’s leading design schools”.CNN

Interacting with BioMirror in Milan Design Week ( Photograph by Nienke)



BioMirror in Global Grad Show, Dutbai Design Week, November 2016


BioMirror in Mind the Step, Dutch Design Week, October 2016