Relax with the Wind, Unwind in Nature

Unwind was designed to foster a relaxing experience by facilitating users’ breathing regulation through biofeedback. We took our inspiration from New-age music and developed a musical biofeedback. The interface consists of two sound layers: music layer and nature soundscape layer.

The wind in the nature soundscape responds to user’s breathing, making the user more aware of their breathing pattern and facilitating the breathing regulation. The loudness of nature soundscape is controlled by the short-term heart rate variability level. Along with deep breathing, an improved HRV will lead the nature soundscape to be more quiet and calm. The nature soundscape layer is responsible for biofeedback, and the music layer acts as a background. The combination sounds like New-age music, aiming to create a pleasant acoustic environment for relaxation.

The nature sounds provide listeners with a perceptual reality that is soothing and comforting, and the music layer is expected to evoke positive emotions of listeners. The originality of this study lies in presenting the bio-data with the nature sounds which are integrated with sedative music as a new form of biofeedback.


Yu, B., Funk, M., Hu, J. and Feijs, L., UnWind: Musical Biofeedback Interfaces for Relaxation Training, Behaviour & Information Technology, In Press,2018.